by Jenny And Alan



You can use Kayak to compare hundreds of sites at once so that you can get the best deal, and tips on using Kayak to find a bargain flight can be found here


Momondo is another good site to find cheap flights, it’s like Kayak where you can compare millions of flights so it’s a good idea to use alongside Kayak


Skyscanner compares over 1200 flights to find you the best deal and is another good flights site to check out in your search.



The Airbnb website is the most popular and largest site for finding all sorts of cheap accommodation online. This is definitely my first stop to finding great stays

Couch Surfing

This is a free one night stay on a sofa, room etc. In someone hundreds home. Perfect for backpackers as you get to meet the locals and visit places that you never would have gone to without the help of your host.


If you are thinking of staying in a hostel then hostel world is a great site to visit. Apart from being cheap, there are loads of advantages to staying in a hostel. You can even apply for an HI card which gives you hundreds to discounts on retail and other great services

If you are only interested in staying in hotels – try This has some pretty decent hotels for a great price. What I also like about this site is that you can can collect nights. If you stay 10 nights either altogether or multiple trips, then you can redeem a free night stay.


HI Card

If you are thinking of staying in a hostel and are planning to use hotels as your main accommodation on your future travels, it may be worth applying for an HI card. You will get reduced travel costs, savings on retail outlets, reduced price trips and much more …

Airbnb £25 off

Are you new to the Airbnb website? Click here and get £25 off your first Airbnb.

Travel Apps.

Google Maps

An obvious app but it’s got to be mentioned! I don’t know how anyone could survive a trip without this! This has got us out of alot of situations when we are lost and need to find a place or our way back to the hotel.

Happy Hour Apps

If part of your holiday is to enjoy a few drinks in the evening it is handy to download these apps onto your phone, especially if you are going to a place where drinks and food it expensive. There is not a worldwide app that covers happy hours. So you will need to go onto the app store and type in the name of the place you are going and then ‘happy hour’ These apps will show you the times each pub does happy hour. To save yourself some cash on booze.

Currency Converter

Know how much you are paying with this handy little converter

Travel Essentials

Universal Travel Plug

For the US/UK/AUS/EU. Works for over 160 countries and charges 75% faster than standard chargers.

Battery Pack

If you use your phone a lot when on your travels, or maybe you vape, it’s always better to get extra battery packs. There is nothing so frustrating when you are out and about and your phone is on low charge especially if you don’t know where you are going and rely on google maps to find your way back to the hotel!