Gibraltar holidays – The Ultimate Travel Guide

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Gibraltar holidays – The Ultimate Travel Guide

Gibraltar is a place that I never thought about going. So when Alan suggested going to Gibraltar for a weekend away, I didn’t quite know what to expect. But it turns out it is a lovely little place to visit. You will only need 2-3 days here as there isn’t that much to do. Perfect to spend your Gibraltar holidays!! Here’s our itinerary.

Day One – Explore The Rock

We took a taxi tour and went up to the rock. There were lots of interesting things to see, including St Michael s cave, The Great Siege tunnels and the apes – which you could watch for hours! If you can do the 3- hour walking tour around the rock. It’s better, That way you will get to see everything that the rock includes

Weekend In Gibraltar – Exploring The Rock

Day Two – Dolphin Spotting Tour

It took about 45 minutes to find the dolphins. We were told that if they (the tour guides) didn’t find them today then we get to go out on the boat for free again tomorrow. But we found them!

It was a lovely experience to see all the dolphins in pods together, swimming around us. I’d only ever seen dolphins in Florida so these were wild dolphins and were smaller Though not managed to get any pictures of the dolphins, they were quick!

A Look Around La Linea

We stayed in a hotel in La Linea, which is the town next to Gibraltar, and was only a 5 minutes walk to the barriers of Gibraltar. It’s cheaper to stay in La Linea. But after going to both towns, you can see why La Linea is so cheap! La Linea, is a little rough and I wouldn’t recommend walking here very late at night. There is a Mcdonald’s nearby, which we ate in often.

But one time we wanted to try something different and wandered down the boulevard across from the border. It wasn’t nice to look at really, just worn down takeaways and cafes. With a few tatty tables outside. (well, when we had sat outside with an amazing view of docks, in a lovely restaurant in Gibraltar…….)But we were looking for something cheaper, than the price of Gibraltar food. So we sat down outside a small cafe and ordered burgers and chips.

It was the worst food we had ever tasted! Don’t even think the bacon on top of the burger had been cooked at all. The burger was under cooked also and was red inside. Think Gordon Ramsey needs to come here! We later read about this place online, and is actually nicknamed the chicken run!! Apparently this is the place lots of muggings are reported. So tip – no going down the chicken run!!

Day 3 – Plane Spotting At Gibraltar Runway

Gibraltar is the 5th most dangerous airport in the world. When planes are coming in to land or going to take off, the whole road has to be shut! This is an attraction in itself for tourists. Sometimes planes don’t even land in Gibraltar. We couldn’t, we were redirected to Malaga because of the strong winds and had a two- hour coach trip to Gibraltar. This is a common thing to happen if you decide to go to Gibraltar.

But it was nice to watch the roads shut and planes landing and taking off.

Shopping In Gibraltar

Gibraltars main shopping center is great, it’s very busy with a good choice of cafes and places to eat outside. Here you can shop for your duty-free tobacco and alcohol but be careful taking these across the border into Spain as your bags will be searched. You are allowed 200 cigs per person and one bottle of spirits. There is a Marks And Spencer s in the shopping center and your usual clothes and shoe shops, I saw quite a few staff outside shops trying to hand you something for “free” just to try to get you inside to purchase something. So be careful not to take it from them unless you think you will be interested in the products they are selling. Overall the prices are cheaper than the UK and a nice little place to get yourself some souvenirs.

The Bars And Food

There are lots of nice little pubs in Gibraltar for food and drink. But the best one was on boardwalk called Bruno’s. (which became our regular) Contemporary In style, and lovely outside views of the dock and nightlife. We sat outside in comfy chairs at night. It was a little cold outside so they had outdoor heaters, which soon warmed us up. It was very romantic and from what I saw of the inside, it was a great atmosphere and was nicely done up. Food is gorgeous here and we had sizzling fietas.

Another nice pub to visit was also at the harbor called O’Reilly’s Irish pub, just a nice, relaxing pub, with cheap beer. Family friendly as well. You can either sit in or go outside, and the food is decent, just a proper Irish pub food

These are the two we went to and were happy with. If you are visiting Gibraltar try out these amazing discount and coupons off food

Where We Stayed

We stayed at Ohtels campo de Gibraltar. This was in La Linea and a 5-minute walk to the borders of Gibraltar. The hotel itself was good with no complaints. The room was clean and basic. And had a great balcony view of the rock. Even though the accommodation in Gibraltar itself is more costly, I would recommend just staying in one of the hotels in Gibraltar as La Linea can be pretty rough and wouldn’t recommend walking back late at night.

Other Places To Visit in Gibraltar

There are other places we wanted to visit in Gibraltar. You could easily fit these things in but we went in March and although the weather in Gibraltar in March is mostly sunny (according to people who visit Gibraltar every year) for us it was like hurricane season!! Had only one nice day when visiting the Rock. Otherwise, we could have done more. Here is some other places you might like to visit in Gibraltar.

The Lighthouse at Europa Point is at the southern most part of Gibraltar and slits the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean. This is one of the most popular attraction in Gibraltar

Beach visits the crystal clear waters of camp bay, while it looks beautiful in the photos this is known to be a rock beach, so if you are heading to the beach for a bit of relaxation and a tan, try the Eastern beach which is the biggest beach in Gibraltar

Traditional Gibraltar Foods To Try

The Best Time To Visit Gibraltar

The best time to visit is during spring or autumn when the weather is warm but not too hot. Although you might like to visit when the annual festivals start these include – Jazz festival on 6th -7th December and the chess festival on 20th – 31st January

There Is More To Explore At The Rock

Getting Around:

Walk – Gibraltar is a small place, so it is easy to get around on foot without the need of buses or taxis 
– if you don’t feel up for the 3-hour walk of the rock you might want to get a taxi which will give you a short tour of the rock. Easily accessible within minutes and most are friendly and helpful 
 – you can also go up to the rock on a bus. The buses run every 15 minutes and every 20 minutes on Sunday


Items To Pack For a Perfect Weekend In Gibraltar

Good walking shoes

The weather in Gibraltar can be unpredictable so bring a light waterproof jacket


Have you been to Gibraltar before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. And hope you enjoy your Gibraltar holidays!!!

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